Junk and Scraps Hanging Rack

photo (82)

Occasionally, Greg and I visit thrift stores and when we find something that sparks an idea, we throw it in the truck and turn it into something…Sometimes that something ends up being a big hit!  This is one of those things.  We picked up some old CD racks and VIOLA!  Today, we had fun planting flowers with Grandma and she loves this new Hanging Rack.  She calls it Folk Art and I agree.  All you need is some chain, some old horse shoes, twine and a little copper wire (the thin stuff that comes in a roll that people use for jewelry and stuff).  Spend an afternoon and just go crazy with random knots and see what you come up with.  You will have your own unique piece of art.  It is useful for all kinds of things.  Laundry rooms, movies, whatever.  Hang it from the ceiling using J Hooks and make it the length you need according to the space you have.  It’s also a great room divider.  Just have fun!

close up cd hanging rack

Re-purposed cd racks


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