Oranges, Olives and White Linens

Greece 597

Do you ever feel like some things are just meant to be?  Sometimes, not having a plan can lead to the most wonderful and unexpected experience…  While exploring the area around Tolo, we came upon this hidden oasis set in the center of an orange plantation. Something about the sign just made us pull over and walk down this path.  Ingrid, a German woman and her Greek husband, Jorgos built Bungalows Ingrid and have  been running it since 1991. She speaks fluent German, Greek and English and was a teacher prior to this hotel business.  Jorgos was raised here in the village of Assini and speaks Greek and a good bit of English.   He has a warm welcoming  nature and we decided to stay 1 month with them!

Greece 603

The center of the property consists of a bar/cafe’ area with wooden tables and umbrellas, where guests can enjoy a lovely breakfast which includes freshly squeezed orange juice, eggs, coffee, fresh croissants and whatever special marmalade Ingrid is making that day.  There are even some hidden tables in the orchard for a more private setting if you like.

Bikes are available for guests to use anytime they wish to ride to the nearby villages of Assini, Tolo or Drapano.

Greece 599

Each of the 9 Bungalows is set up with a kitchen, bath, sleeping/sitting area and front and back patios.

Greece 606

Greece 487

Greece 600

 As one walks thru the lush landscape of orange trees, it feels like a jungle and is so mysterious, private and peaceful.  We are within walking distance to 3 different swim beaches as well as Tolo shops and businesses.  This is the perfect base camp due to it’s proximity to various ancient sites in The Peloponnese and Travelers can hop on a day cruise to the islands of Hydra and Spetses.

Greece 528

Many guests return annually to stay here at Ingrid’s as Tolo is a very popular Beach Resort village catering not only to Greek tourists, but tourists from all over the world;

Places like Germany, Austria, France, Britain and even Russia.  I will attempt describe Tolo, Nafplion, Mycenae, Epidavros and Argos in separate posts because they are each so very special!

Tolo Swim Beach View

1 week into our Month at Bungalows Ingrid:

Ingrid and Jorgos make it easy to feel at home here and daily life among the oranges and olives is very laid back.  In between trips to the market, coming back from the beach, or exploring archeological sites, the girls are always asking our hosts questions about this or that. They are hearing some great stories and learning German and Greek phrases.  Savannah has such a passion for language, even though her major is biology.  Greg and Ingrid enjoy debating philosophical topics while we sit at the table on our laptop checking the latest news headlines.  News in the U.S. makes it seem like Greece is not a safe place to travel, but we feel perfectly safe.  I love quizzing her about recipes because Ingrid is an incredible cook and is always in the outdoor cafe’ creating a marmalade or something. Often, you will hear the clanking of glasses and laughter coming from the bar as their friends and family drop by and sip a frappe’ or beer and chat about the day’s events with them. The friendly hosts play music and sing Greek songs from behind the bar…

  It is a wonderful charming place.

Our back patio clothesline always has wet suits and towels or some undergarments flapping in the warm breeze, but there is a laundry service available in town for those times when you don’t feel like hand washing.

Greece 757

Savannah returns from an errand modeling the latest fashion find.

Greece 737

Local artist and dear friend of Jorgos and Ingrid, Peter paints scenes from various sites on ancient greek marble from the region.  We are bringing several of his enchanting pieces back with us!

You may spot him painting the shop signs along the beach in Tolo.

Greece 971

Resident Kittens enjoy napping among flowers after frolicking  in the orchard .


The girls are absorbing new words like sponges, between Ingrid’s sessions as they sit perched alertly at the bar when she asks them in her German tone “Where is your notebook?” and the conversations while sitting with their new friends, Jannis and Alfred playing Uno and other card games at night.  Ingrid’s courtyard transforms into a pizza parlor under the stars.

Travel Tips & Tidbits-Staying longer sometimes means better rates when traveling.  We don’t eat every meal in, but often we prepare  a light lunch or dinner in our Bungalow… This also is a great way to travel on a budget!

Greece 490

We dream of the day when we can get back to our friends in Tolo!



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  1. Ronald says:

    I agree with you entirely. I have experienced nearly the same with Ingrid and Jorgos three years ago. It will be a challenge to find a better and relaxed place to discover Greece. Best Ronald from Germany.

    1. Shauna Davis says:

      You are lucky to live in Germany….We like it as well, but haven’t spent as much time there as Greece. Thanks for visiting my site!

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