Greece 817

Just a short drive from our Base Camp at Asini, is the Greek Village of Epidavros, which is also the location of The Ancient Theater of Epidavros.  Our day trip began with a lovely drive along a windy mountain road.

We pulled off the road slightly for a picture of this Church…


 Epidavros is part of the Agolida Region of The Peloponnese and is also known as Epidaurus.  We had fun looking in the shops and then found some cushy sofas and chairs under the umbrellas of the Port Promenade for a refreshing beverage and light snack.

Greece 815

Greece 818

Greece 812

One of the most wonderful things about Greece, is that you can sit for hours in any cafe’ just soaking it all in and nobody cares.

After relaxing in the shade, we drove up the way to The Ancient Theater of Epidavros

Greece 831

Greece 820

It’s like being right there …in 400 BC wearing Hellenic apparel, standing with countless others who made the long pilgimage to this lush hillside. . A little warm for all that flowing cloth and how did they climb with those sandals and fabric draped about?  The Ancient Theater of Epidavros overlooks the Sanctuary of Asklepios, who according to mythology is “the god of healing”.  This ancient theater is known as one of the most well preserved sites in the world.  Today, The Athens Epidavros Festival as well as many other events and ancient Greek dramas still take place right here.  Its grand size, (holding 15,000) perfect proportions and  unique architecture, give it unmatched accoustics. The Santuary of Asklepios is the center of where medicine and ancient healing practices first began.  Tips & Tidbits-  Flip Flops are hazardous on these steps!

Now, that’s what I call VIP Seating!

Greece 826

Greece 822

The Archaeological Museum of Epidavros, Argolis, Peloponnese, Greece.

Greece 838

Upon close inspection, we all decide we would not enjoy being practiced on with those tweezers and other perilous looking tools on display here in the museum.

Greece 839

Greece 844

Greece 840

Greece 852

Greece 850

It is a gorgeous day trip and very convenient from Tolo and Nafplion.  Absolutely awe inspiring and a must see of The Peloponnese!

Greece 811

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