I married a kicker. Sounds like the beginning of a confession, right? Well, we met on a blind date in 1991 while I was busy with college classes and dancing at Phoenix Suns games. Greg had just signed with the Arizona Cardinals as their placekicker (He is a southern boy from Georgia). A year later we were married and a year after that, we were blessed with our first daughter, Savannah. Before my crazy NFL life, I lived at home with my parents who were extremely organized and suddenly I found myself living half the year in Atlanta and half the year in Phoenix…or Minneapolis…or San Diego (which is nice!) Over the years, somewhere between all the moving and travelling, we picked up some pretty valuable tips! Not only did I learn the ins and outs of relocating, but I became very good at organizing, simplifying, home staging, and more. Suddenly, it occured to me; I love people and I love homes, so what could be better than bringing them together? Naturally, I became a Real Estate Agent. Now that our nomadic lifestyle has settled down, my family and I are thrilled to be back in the south. We have two adult daughters, Savannah and Charlotte. The many changes that come during our lives don’t have to be daunting. Whether you are downsizing so you can travel the world, or your family is growing and you need more space, or you are looking for the perfect downtown condo… I know the importance of sharing this expertise with my Clients and am here to help! Come see me at Harry Norman, Realtors Atlanta Perimeter. Just one more thing you should probably know about me (other than the fact I am Irish) I love to blog about Food, Travel and Georgia Communities!

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