Treasures, Trinkets, Toile & Time

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Did you ever imagine emptying your attic full of trinkets could actually be a fun experience? No? Well, imagine walking to your mailbox and instead of the regular old bills and junk mail you normally find, you reach in and find a check!!  Good times.  Sometimes, sifting through years of dusty treasures can seem a bit daunting and it may cause you to feel overwhelmed… What’s that saying? “You can’t see the forest for the trees.”  No need to feel alone, however, because people are downsizing.  Not just retirees and empty nesters, but people of all stages and walks of life are searching for the simple life.  As an expert in Relocation, I’ve helped a lot of people sell their larger home to discover the freedom a smaller place provides .   I’ve gotten rid of my own fair share of household items and without a doubt, there is an upside to downsizing! Let me explain…

  • More Time: Whether you are exchanging life in suburbia for an urban loft or selling your 5,000 sq. foot home with a huge yard so you can travel the world, having the freedom to decide what to do with the extra time is a wonderful thing. For some, not spending hours commuting to and from the office can mean more time with family.
  • More Money: This is rather obvious, but picture not having to buy so many light bulbs, not having to pay the landscapers to maintain the yard, not having to…
  • Less Time Cleaning & Organizing: Instead of spending your Saturday scrubbing floors and polishing the silver, you can pick a spot on the map and take a day trip, head to the art festival or maybe take a leisurely stroll through the park!





Now the question you may be asking is How do these mysterious downsizers get rid of stuff?

Let’s look at the various ways: Yard Sales, Flea Markets, Estate Sales, Charitable Organizations and CONSIGNMENT STORES! Pssst…In the Atlanta area, one of the best places to accomplish selling your items is a charming store called Southern Comforts. Owners, Jenny and Mark Eid have a Team of talented professionals that take great care in each situation. Additionally, their clients receive the added benefit of privacy, which is extremely valuable.

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There are numerous other benefits of Consignment Stores like Southern Comforts, however, for those who are not in the downsizing chapter of life. This is why it works so well and why there is high demand for that set of green leather chairs you now find yourself wanting to be rid of:


  • Home Staging: When staging a property for the market, one can always find exactly what they need to create the perfect impression for Buyers.
  • Interior Design: Designers can stick to the budget their Client gives them and come out looking like a hero! Fine linens, nifty pieces of art, lamps and everything else you could possibly need.
  • College Life: Young people (like my college age daughter and her roomies who have no place for me to sit when I drop by for tea), can find upscale furnishings at great affordable prices without having to hit the pavement at 5 a.m. for garage sales!
  • Dirt Free: Rather than stepping over rusty dirty items hazardously stacked, things are placed in such a manner where you can easily spot that special thing you seek…Not that junking isn’t fun because I happen to enjoy a good afternoon of junking occasionally.  For some reason, however, driving a mile to the nearby neighborhood store is a bit more convenient when time is of the essence!
  • Collector’s Items: Been searching everywhere for that tiny Hummel of Mom’s you broke as a child?  How about an antique chest to fit perfectly in that niche? Well, Southern Comforts probably has it.
  • Special Gifts: Your best friend has been talking for months about her need for a small side table to place in the sunroom?  Well, think of the joy on her face when you deliver it with a big bow!
  • Seasonal Decorations: During the holidays, there is no need to stress at the arrival of houseguests.   Entertaining is a breeze all year with the large selection of seasonal items to choose from!

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With 4 locations including Dunwoody, Roswell, Alpharetta and East Cobb, it’s hard to make any more excuses!

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