Market to Table and The Wrapper

Market to Table

Now that we just ate all the “comfort foods” we can possibly eat, I am beginning 2014 with an important goal…  I created this site to be a wonderful place for everyone to find ideas; Ideas for flavors, Ideas for exploring new places and Ideas for turning junk into treasure!  So, beginning today you will be seeing a little more   a LOT MORE about fresh foods and healthy eating and more about our travels, which hopefully will be very useful for those of you peeking inside this little site.  You will just love the places we are going to share with you and most likely want to visit them!  But first, let’s discuss the picture above.  You may not realize it is on my header ( a sliver of it!)  This is one of my favorite pictures of the 1000+ pictures we took in Greece.  I guess the reason I love it, is because it represents our daily living.  Well, here in America we don’t have little markets everywhere within walking distance like people in Europe, but we as a family generally enjoy going by the Market each day, wherever it may be and picking up a few fresh ingredients to put on the table for supper.  So we have come up with a term “Market to Table”.  We love crunchy, fresh vegetables and fruits and things that can be prepared quick and easy!  BTW- this particular market sits in Hydra, Greece…

Nafplio, Greece
Nafplio, Greece
Kalampaka, Greece
Kalampaka, Greece

An important point to make here is that you don’t have to have a huge fancy kitchen with an extensive pantry full of staples to create a fresh fast meal!  If you are on the move and traveling a lot, having the ability to prepare a few meals is a plus.  Whether you are rolling down the highway for fun in your RV, or away on business, cooking your own meals not only saves money but also keeps you healthy.  There was a time (long long ago) we lived in a hotel in San Diego during Greg’s 1997 season with the San Diego Chargers and we didn’t have any way to fix meals.  Savannah was only 4 and as beautiful as that city is, 3 months of room service and restaurants really adds up on a girl’s waistline. I do have to say, however, that the  Charger Organization was wonderful to Greg and they treat their players very well!  Greg set some great Kicking records there.  Go, Chargers!  So, now back to the important point I am trying to make…

Our Kitchen in Greece
Our Kitchen in Greece

 This is it!  The adorable little Kitchen in Asini, Greece where I learned that you can make wonderful healthy meals with just a few ingredients. Olive Oil, Oregano, Lemons or Limes, Garlic and some Salt and Pepper are really the only staples you need to cook a tasty meal!   Staying in an orange grove within walking distance to the beachside village of Tolo,  we loved popping into the market daily for some lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.

Market in Tolo

Lunchtime at the Bungalow typically looked something like this….

Greece 642

We also had fun making some fantastic dinners like this:  My first Souvlaki

Greece 596

Lemon Garlic Chicken with Rice

Greece 618

Stuffed Mushrooms, Peppers and Tomatoes

Greece 753

At this point, I have to introduce you to The Wrapper…


Upon leaving Greece, as much healthier (and tanner) versions of ourselves, (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact we walked our butts off at those ancient sites) our family holds on to the “Market to Table’  way of life.  Mostly because we have NEVER come home from a vacation feeling so renewed and energized! So, in honor of our trip, we now have a meal called “The Wrapper”. Shhhhh (It is basically Lettuce Wraps.)  Greg’s twist involves Sesame Oil, Soy Sauce, Lime and Parmesan??  Some days, The Wrapper includes meat or shrimp or some leftover Rotisserie Chicken and sometimes it’s just veggies.  It pleases everyone in the family, because they can pick and choose which items they want like at a salad bar.  Basil? Cilantro? You can have a theme like Thai or Southwestern…  Variety is such a wonderful thing!  Rice on the side?? No problem.  Best of all, it’s good for you!  Happy New Year!

Greece 645

Ingedients:  Whatever you like

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