The Colorado Peach



silverton train2

Road Trip!!!  We all know how much I love Greece, but believe me when I say that America is truly a wonder. Being that I was born in Colorado and hubby was born in Georgia, its really no surprise that discussions of peaches are common in our household.  Usually, while rolling along the highway in an RV during a summer road trip ‘discussions’ such as the difference between a National Monument and a roadside dinosaur attraction. It can become very exciting. Clearly there is a difference, right? Early on in our marriage my family poked fun at me and my love for Colorado and The Rockies.  Greg would point out to our daughters that I should work for the Visitor Center at the Colorado State Line because of my passion for all things Colorado (PEACHES).  However, once we actually drove over the 14,000 foot mountains and he experienced the glorious peaks with snow melting, cascading down the canyons and wildly rushing in the rivers, he too developed an appreciation of the rugged terrain (not to mention the views!) So, as School comes to an end here in Montana, we are about to embark on another gallivant across this amazing land that we call America and although it’s not our typical leisurely drive (because a certain teenager in our house has to get to her Ballet Intensive in Atlanta) we will be seeing some very cool stuff all summer long, so be sure to check back the next couple weeks to find out what we saw! For some reason The Sound of Music is in my head.  You know that song “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens” Perhaps because when I woke up this morning I had all these road trip ideas in my head and I know I have completely neglected my blogging lately so let this be a declaration.  This summer is about to kick off and whenever lists of things pop into my head, look out.  Who knows what you may see here!  But just to officially kick this off I thought I would list some of my favorite things based on trips we have taken over the years (some of them were before I ever grew fond of blogging about our family adventures.)

Juicy Peaches grown in Palisade, Colorado…

Sitting on the rooftop of The Ouray Brewery overlooking the perfect little Alpine town (you may even catch sight of a bear walking down main street in broad daylight…too bad I didn’t snap that)

Soaking in mineral Hot Springs while snowflakes fall around you…

                                                   The Miracle of America Museum in Polson, Montana Great place to see! (click the link)

cover planner

                                                                    That RV Park on the Yellowstone River….

Meteor Crater, Arizona

                                                                                                    Gem Mountain in Montana

CameraAwesomePhoto (14)

Charleston, South Carolina Rainbow Row


The Citadel Military College in Charleston


Yankee Boy Basin, Colorado

yankee boy mine



The Grand Tetons



The good news is I will finally have a decent camera so like I said be sure to check back for all our upcoming travel trip ideas as well as the many new recipes I will be sharing with you!  And by the way…if you happen to be travelling through the western slope of Colorado this summer, do not miss an opportunity to enjoy a Colorado Peach!!!

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