Polson, Montana

DinerLet’s Travel through time in America! Wondering what you should stop and see while driving through Montana this summer? Well, don’t worry because in addition to the stunning scenes at Glacier National Park, Yellowstone and numerous other amazing state parks and sites, this is a must see attraction for you and your family. It’s The Miracle of America Museum located on Memory Lane in Polson, Montana.   Last summer we took our guests for a drive to Flathead Lake and accidentally discovered this amusing place in Polson. My husband now begs for a day trip to Polson constantly because he has so much fun there.  You could definitely spend an entire day browsing the grounds and still not be able to see everything, which makes this well worth the visit!

There are 100s of 1000s of items (300,000+!)  in 35 Buildings full of trinkets to explore…



Everything from Antique Cars, Farm Equipment, Motorcycles, Steam Engines, Toys, Military…

Greg Helecopter




savvy train cropped


 funny driving

charlotte jail

And then when your little feet can’t take it anymore drive a few miles to Finley Point Grill  where you can relax and dine Montana Style.  We were there for lupper (you know that meal between lunch and supper?) but this Steakhouse has an impressive menu.  Starters like Calamari with a Basil Marinara and Entrees including Grilled Alaskan Salmon with a Blood Orange Glaze (yum- I know), Sticky Pork Ribs tossed in a maple tahini sauce, or the good ole’ Cattle Company’s 16 oz. Ribeye which has an insanely good blue cheese garlic butter… For those of us who crave pasta, they have that too, of course as well as pizzas, burgers and salads.  The atmosphere is very Montana upscale but still very comfortable.  Whether you are RVing your way around the state or just taking a day trip, Polson, Montana is a great place to visit!

flathead lake

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