2 Speedy No Bake Desserts

easy ban pud line

When it comes to whipping up a quick and tasty dessert, I am all about not having to measure a lot of ingredients!

Let’s face it…Occasionally, we have time to create a Coconut Cream Pie from scratch, but most likely your teenager jumps in the car Friday after school and suddenly wants to throw a sleepover.  You, in a moment of “Let’s be spontaneous!” go along with it, like it’s no problem.  If you have a few essentials in the fridge and pantry, you will look like super mom!  Trust me…These are both so easy, I am kinda embarrassed.


Okay, so you may have to send your loving husband to the store for a jug of milk, but no biggie.  These sugary treats look great and can be served as a dessert or as a brunch item along with some bacon.  I have seen the real deal at the Bakery in Norway at Epcot Center as well as Kalambaka, Greece.

These are the ones in Greece….

Greece 154

These are the instant…


If it happens to be the season for fresh berries, you can use those instead of Pie Filling.  But, for those winter months when there is no farmer’s market nearby, just open your pantry!

For the tartlets all you need is Cherry Pie Filling, Mini Graham Cracker Shells, Instant Pudding and a dash of Nutmeg (optional).


For the Banana Pudding Treats just layer some Instant Banana Pudding (or Vanilla)  with slices of Banana and Vanilla Wafers.  Top with some Whipped Cream!  Done.

easy ban pud w tray

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