Grilled Octopus in Galaxidi


Sitting perfectly on the Gulf of Corinth between Delphi and Nafpaktos, is the village of Galaxidi, Greece.  Galaxidi was a major ship building center in the 1700-1800s.  Today, it is a must see historic village with numerous lodging options, charming shops and eateries, and a very nice swim beach.  Our host, Theresa at Le Due Sorelle in Spilia recommended we visit this town and we are so glad we did!

Greece 371

Greece 373

Greece 370

Great fresh seafood!

Greece 376

Greece 375

During our travels, Savannah wrote about our day in Galaxidi.  Here is what happened:

The Bakery Van of Galaxidi by Savannah Davis

After a nice slow start to our day, which included some coffee and Greek alphabet lessons from Charlotte, we decided to take a drive  west along the coastal highway to Galaxidi.  First on the agenda, naturally was lunch with a view of the port.  I took my chances with some grilled octopus that was positively amazing while Charlie tackled some seriously large prawns. Mom finally got the steamed mussels she was craving and Dad stuck with the souvlaki, which is different everywhere, but always grilled to perfection…not to mention, very yummy. All and all the day was passing quite nicely, and then we hit the bakery and things just got crazy.

Greece 400

It was like going to a wine tasting extravaganza except with pastries and cakes. This wonderful Greek woman kept insisting that we sample her tasty treats, which don’t get me wrong, is great but at some point you really got to just put down the pastry and step away from the counter. I probably gained 10 pounds on fudge and rice pudding all due to my dad and sister’s new craving of baklava. But hey, I’m in Greece, I mean, once in a lifetime experience right?All was good,  10,000 sugary calories in our take home box, stuffed tummies and a nice cool breeze outside for walking. Then mom had to start questioning the locals about rental apartments…who spoke very little English mind you…and next thing you know I’m in the back of some guy’s plain white van bumpin along on the dirt road to go look at some apartments for rent. My whole life, my father has taught me that nothing good comes with a plain white van, so how on earth did I get in this situation?!! Alright…we were never really in danger with Dad there, but it was still thrilling. So, while Dad and I rode  hobo style in the back of the van,

Greece 407

Charlie and the realtor(AKA: Mom)  sat comfortably up front with our very friendly new pal, George. I have no idea what they talked about all things considered because the man really didn’t speak much English but hey, its all good right? I did notice Dad’s rising anxiety when the houses and buildings  got scarce at which point the van came to a stop and a security gate opened to let us into some compound. At this point Dad was sure we were dead.  George was kindly showing us all around this cute little apartment and although we decided to continue on to the Peloponnese, I must say the people of Galaxidi are the warmest most loving people I have ever met!

Greece 411

Greece 398

Days like this in our travels change us.  We learned so much about how kind Greek people are that day.  I feel like Greece is the perfect destination for family travel and one of the few countries where you can relax.

 Mark Twain-   “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.”

Moorish proverb- “He who does not travel, does not know the value of men.”

Greece 381

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