The Stairs of Palamidi

Greece 694

Of the thousands of ancient steps we climbed while in Greece, these steps changed me…  Throughout life we all have climbs of sorts but this journey to Greece was absolutely life changing!

We climbed steps in Meteora

Greece 131

Discovered Mystery Staircases in Tolo


Walked up steps in The Ancient Theater of Epidavros

Greece 820

Explored wonderful archaeological sites( in blistering heat) on the road to Mycenae…

Greece 889

And curiously peeked at staircases that were not accessible to the public.

Greece 930

But let’s get to The Fortress of Palamidi, which sits high overlooking the romantic city of Nafplion, Greece on The Peloponnese.  The first time we decided to explore the Castle, we were clueless and frankly, just thrilled to be finding our way through the city and couldn’t believe how well laid out it is.  There is a large parking lot at the base of the Fortress overlooking the Swim Beach, so we piled out of the car and began walking along a path because that seemed like the logical way.  This path did not lead us to the stairs, but rather along the bay.  A gorgeous path for a nice daily walk and many locals use it to get to other beaches.  So, after a while of walking, we realized this isn’t the way to the Fortress and turned back.

Greece 652

Finally, we found the steps and began our climb.

Greece 681

and we climbed….

Greece 683

and we climbed…

Greece 697

Climbing the steps is free.  It is rather difficult to count and is actually a disputed number.  Let me just say nearly 1,000 minus one or two. Each way. You pay to enter the Palamidi Fortress upon reaching the top. There is another entrance where tour busses, taxis and cars meander up the windy road and park.  Refreshments as well as nifty trinkets are available to purchase at an outdoor stand.   Of course, we didn’t know this fun fact when we began, but later we still preferred to climb… By the end of our stay in Greece we had shuffled up the steps a dozen times because we loved it so much!  The views along the way are definitely worth it and there are plenty of places to stop and catch your breath. Cardio strength would be helpful but doing this workout several times a week made us stronger.   Be sure to bring water…  Savannah and Charlotte were able climb a little faster than us.  Water! Need more water! Their time is 20 minutes (they enjoy timing it). Our time is about 30, but the experience is priceless.

Greece 680

Greece 718

Greece 662

Greece 684

Greece 692

Greece 695

You come across many travelers on the stairs.  Cruisers in town for the day, locals who enjoy the exercise and beauty…A very pregnant woman with ankle weights around her legs!?  I think to myself, Hhmmm she is healthy.  Its fun to hear so many languages being spoken and we were surprised to find that not many Americans come to the region before summer.  After you descend back down, we recommend you mosey over to Syntagma Square where you will find tables and cushiony seating situated under giant umbrellas.  The perfect lunch!  For more info about Nafplio click here.

Facts about The Fortress:

The Palamidi Fortress was built between 1698 and 1715 by the Venetians.  Later, during The Ottoman Empire, Turks took it over and finally the Greeks took control around 1822.  Eight bastions, each named for a Greek Saint, are all connected by a wall.  Today, concerts and other events are held in this castle.



Greece 710


Greece 719

Greece 721

I could probably post a hundred more photos but hopefully you already wish you were right there!

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  1. You did well to get those pictures without any people in them!

    1. Shauna Davis says:

      Thanks! Funny you say that, though because I regret not focusing more on the people of Greece…So many pictures I wish I had taken!! Next time we travel to Greece, I hope to spend more time photographing them doing their various crafts…Such a wonderfully rich culture.

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