The Tomb of Clytemnestra

This is it…the last little peek inside our two month journey in Ancient Greece!  But don’t fret because I have put it all together in one great book, “I’ll Take the Stairs” (available at for all you adventurous people out there who want to know about travel in Greece.

Greece 889


Another day trip and short drive from our bungalow, is the ancient site of Mycenae, which Ingrid and Jorgos have been very adamant about our visiting! I think they think we are lazy, but that is probably due to the fact that most their guests only have a week to see everything and we have had the luxury of stretching out our tours. I suppose if we were extremely ambitious, we would have seen Olympia and Sparta by now, but we all have truly enjoyed just sitting with new friends playing UNO and getting to know the Greek people… So, today is sweltering hot and just perfect for venturing out and experiencing some more sites! Sunscreen? Check! Vineyards dot the landscape surrounding Mycenae as well as various archaeological sites where travelers can pull off and walk around. Ingrid kindly provided us with a flashlight as we set out saying, “You need a torch when you go into The Tomb or you will break your neck!”


Greece 884

Greece 870 Greece 873

Charlotte had a Pride and Prejudice moment (Greek Style, of course)

 charlie pnpcrop

Mycenae is a must see when visiting the Argolida region! It was ruled by King Agamemnon, whose wife, Clytemnestra murdered him. Agamemnon is known as the Commander in Chief of the Trojan War, in which he gathered the

forces to set sail for Troy when Helen (his brother’s wife) was taken away by Paris.

Greece 892

The very nicely done Archaeological Museum of Mycenae provides visitors with some fascinating details regarding the Mycenaean time period, Helen of Troy and King Agamemnon. Pottery, swords and such all displayed along with ancient tapestries…



The Lion’s Gate

Greece 896


IMG_0691 Greece 901 Greece 899 Greece 897 Greece 895

Greece 898

When you finish hiking around the site and looking through the museum, be sure to stop for a cool drink and some stuffed tomatoes at one of the nearby tavernas.  Part of the fun of travelling around Greece is relaxing at an outdoor table while watching the cars and tour busses come and go.  Other sites to visit while in the Argolida region include:  Epidavros, Nafplion, Argos and of course the best little beach resort town ever…Tolo!

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