The Red Pear Candles

red pear candles

When it comes to entertaining, setting the table can make all the difference in setting the mood as well as how the food tastes.  Does setting the table for guests intimidate you? Well, fear not!  With my simple guidelines, you will be able to create the perfect Tablescape and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.  I discovered these little techniques during our stay in Atlanta at Greg’s Mom’s. The girls and I have a blast playing in her Kitchen and Dining Room (not to mention reading all the great books)…Endless Inspiration! Sitting perfectly on her green piano, were these red pear candles.  Every day they made me smile, so one night we used them for our Table Setting Inspiration.  Sometimes its a pair of candles, sometimes it’s a piece of pottery…  I know there are plenty of proper rules and guidelines and resources for How to Set the Table, but I just have One Basic Rule:  Have Fun 


Having said that, here are some SIMPLE ways to find inspiration for setting your table which will work for any occasion or budget!

 Step 1: Decide if you want a Casual Setting or Formal?( This would be an ideal time to call in the Math-Wiz for some brainstorming)


Step 2: What kind of Theme is your food?  Are you serving Thai? Moroccan? Greek? Southwest? Italian? Go on a Treasure Hunt:  This may require raiding your Auntie Mame’s Attic, or your Mother-in-law’s African Inspired Powder Room…Or if you like junk, you may have picked up some weird trays recently at the flea market (What? Who does that?)

If any of your close friends or relatives happen to have some gold or silver Chargers, these are very handy.

charlie's moroccan table scape

italia table settinglow

Step 3: After your Treasure Hunt, make a pile of your booty so you can see how it all works together…


Step 4: If you are still trying to find some inspiration, pause for a cold beverage and float around the pool thinking about what makes you smile. (Raffia!!)

Greece 979

Step 5: Get out the Raffia and Shower Curtain Rings and make some wild Napkin Rings!  You can also collect pine cones and sticks from the yard…FREE

photo (22) - Copy

And if all else fails…  Keep it simple and eat outside.

photo (26) - Copy

photo (27) - Copy

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