Harry’s Farmers Market


Found it!  The one market that makes me happy…Well, here in Atlanta, anyway. Harry’s Farmers Market!  We first started coming here to Harry’s almost 20 years ago and it has recently become our special grocery place again since returning to the south.  Needless to say, it has been updated slightly over the years and I absolutely love it.  It has a cozy feel for such a big space.  It is similar to Whole Foods (and actually owned by them) but personally, I think its not so crowded and crazy, which makes it more enjoyable because people aren’t mowing you down while you are trying to pick from 4 or 5 types of plums, right? I am just not good under pressure, people. I decided to start snapping pics after the produce, but with all these other nice photos, you should get the gist of how fun this market is! It’s located in Roswell, off of Upper Hembree Road (near Alpharetta Hwy) Check out all the stuff they have! I hate to torture you with the delicious supper menu we came up with after this Saturday trip to Harry’s but how else can I truly give you a taste of how wonderful the market is??

This was our dessert.  Adorned with the beautiful edible flowers that somehow ended up in our basket because the youngest had to try them.

Oreo Cake

Harry’s has a spectacular selection of meats, including cool things like curried bacon…We chose a Lamb Shoulder Roast.  Yep, it was pretty darn good.








Salud! Cooking School was setting up for a class that was about to start and they were so kind to let me see.  They offer some really great classes.  I am thinking my girls and I will be attending one soon and of course I will share that experience with you!

Cooking school

Natural and Organic Products, Vitamins, Baby Products and Pet Products….

Healthy and Natural

 They also have Plants, Cheeses and Prepared Foods of all kinds, etc. So if you suddenly decide to throw a party, just swing by Harry’s for some yummy options to feed your guests. There are plenty of tables where you can sit and discuss your business while eating a fine meal in the middle of your busy work day. Harry’s is just fabulous, so don’t miss it if you are in the neighborhood.

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