Southern Road to Bavaria


There is a winding country road in north Georgia that leads to Bavaria…What? Really? Music, Lederhosens and CooCoo Clocks? I am going to pack a lot in this tale today, so bare with me.  This past weekend we drove north of Atlanta with visions of funnel cakes dancing in our heads!  But along that road before we get to Bavaria, is a stop that may surprise you.  I’m taking about heads of cabbage, of course!   Babyland General Hospital, in Cleveland is where Cabbage Patch Dolls are born and visitors can wander through the hospital and pick which little unique bundle they want to adopt.  Touring the building is FREE!  (after the dolls I have info on Helen, so scroll all the way down for the funnel cakes!)





Some are newborns and some are cute kids with long hair.  Some are boys and some are girls.  Each one is completely different and each one comes with a birth certificate and name.


Naturally, you can buy everything you need to provide proper care for the child.  Clothes, diapers, baby bottles and there is even an area for your own little ones to style their dolls hair.  Nurses are there to assist you with choosing which Cabbage Patch Doll to adopt.  It’s serious business going on right here in these Georgia Mountains!



The whole family will enjoy Babyland General and there is a nice big plantation porch with comfortable rocking chairs for any member of your group to sit and relax while taking in the views outside.  Its only 10 minutes from Helen, so be sure to stop. On to Helen!!

Helen, Georgia is a blast!  A nice getaway from the traffic of Atlanta, people can enjoy some tubing, have a brat or spaetzle and beer, walk around to the adorable shops and have old timey pictures made. If you want some Lederhosens or other traditional German apparel, you can definitely get it here!






Its busier on summer weekend days and during Octoberfest, but there is so much to see and if you want to arrange for lodging I suggest you book ahead during peak travel times. Obviously, tubing the river is a popular attraction!  Its only a short drive from Atlanta, so it makes the perfect day trip!




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