The Daly Mansion


Bison, Huckleberries, Geysers, Glaciers, Camping and Fly Fishing…..A few of the things that tend to pop in one’s mind when someone suggests a visit to Montana.  Did you know, however, that Montana has a rich history involving Copper?  One of the most beautiful places to visit while traveling through the Bitterroot Valley of Montana is The Daly Mansion.  During Spring, the tulips are blooming and everything is coming to life at the Mansion (and word is there are some paranormal things that go on from time to time in the summer home of Margaret Daly).  Montana’s Copper King, Marcus Daly, an Irish Immigrant originally owned 28,000 acres in Montana. After his death, Mrs. Daly built this mansion (completed in 1910) and today it remains perched here overlooking the valley. Talk about a great place to have a wedding!  Events throughout the year take place here on the grounds and tours are available for groups that take visitors up and down the various staircases and many enchanting hallways.  Each room still displaying personal furnishings and belongings of the family. Toys in the nursery, tea sets, china and lace linens in the formal dining room… My favorite is the kitchen, naturally.  If you happen to be at the Mansion for Daly Days, you can sample the warm fresh bread as you pass through the kitchen.  Here are a few pictures…  Be sure to check it out when passing through Montana!








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