Kitchen Klinic Chronicles: Simple Solutions for Entertaining

fiesta buffet

It’s time again.  Time for another lesson from The Kitchen Klinic.  Remember that special book from Grandma that is full of valuable tips from a time period long gone?  I told you it is helpful!  Recently, another mother I know was expressing feelings of stress because they are about to host a group of 12 Teen Promgoers at the their house for dinner.  After speaking with her, I realized that for many people, the idea of Entertaining can be overwhelming and occasionally it causes a little stress.  I admit, there are even times I hesitated when my daughters suddenly wanted to invite all the girls over for a sleepover.   Naturally, I got a chuckle driving home because of one the chapters in that Kitchen Klinic Book we discussed came to mind…Actually, there are several helpful chapters which apply today:

“Egg-Cheese and Luncheon Dishes”  Page 160 lists recipes such as Turkey Croquettes?  Noodle Mold with Chicken Hollandaise?  Virginia Brunswick Stew?  Interesting, but not quite what we need today. Next…

“Sandwiches” – I can just picture my tall slender red headed Grandmother in her kitchen preparing some adorable cucumber salad sandwiches for the kids, but I don’t think that works in Montana with teenage boys and girls on their way to Prom…

“Quantity Servings” Hmmmmmm This chapter has some potential… A Clam Bake!!  Sounds fun!  But once again, probably  not an option for Montana in March since we are lacking one very important thing-SAND.  It also has recipes for Mushrooms A LA King for 50 and goodies like Pickle Salad for Fifty.  Wow.

Let’s get serious…How about a  Fajita Buffet?  I mean, if you don’t want to cook a 5 course meal, let’s talk about Buffets!  I love Buffets!!!    Today’s post is just a few fun Entertaining Ideas for you…Simple ways to serve things, because after my conversation, I suddenly thought of all these things that I should have told her about that make cooking for a group easier!

You know those Corn on the cob plates that never get enough use?  Use them for Romaine Boats!


Another fun way to serve salads is in small glasses.

tomato cuc salad group

I am a Buffet lover, but sometimes space is limited, so what I do is use taller skinnier type glasses for things like wedges of lemons.  Be sure to provide a skewer or fork to grab them with, though because when the supply gets to the bottom of that glass I don’t think hands will be able to reach…

Greece 642

If you want a more casual Cowboy Cookout Theme, why not serve Monster Texas Burgers with all the fixins?



Small Jars are great too for Instant Desserts!

easy ban pud line

For Table Setting Ideas, remember this? An Elegant Table is farely easy with a little Raffia, shower curtain rings and Pinecones…

photo (22) - Copy

So, don’t stress.  Think of how your Grandmother would have approached it and have fun.  That’s all that matters.  And finally, Fresh Flowers always make things better!


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