My Life with Nivea

Nivea 2


Okay, Ladies…Here is something for you!  A simple product review or…testimony, if you will. We should file this under Health and Beauty or Daily Skin Care Advice.   There is one product you need.  JUST ONE!  Some people stand on their heads and perform a ritual which may include  a mask or mud of some sort.  Nope. Not me.  I am very low maintenance when it comes to my skin care.  NIVEA Body Milk.  See the all blue bottle in the picture labeled Body Milk (with some Greek words as well)?  That’s it! Nivea is a German Company called Beiersdorf. which has locations all over the world including here in the States.  I have been using this lotion on my face and body since High School (let’s not worry about trivial things like the fact I graduated in 89)  The collection of products above was taken during our Greek Adventure.  Our first day in Athens, we walked into a large supermarket just a few doors down from The President Hotel where we were staying and BAM!!!  A huge display of Nivea was right in front of me.  I think I heard music.  Happy, Happy, Happy- I can’t even describe…  And if you want to hear about the beautiful Greek girl promoting Caffeine Pants in this isle click here.   Needless to say, by the time we got to Bungalow’s Ingrid, we had this lovely collection.  We had the hair products, the deodorants, the shaving cream man products; you name it we tried it and they all smell nice and work wonders (even after a day at the beach!)  I have tried some of their other lotions like the lighter blue bottle, but its not the same.  My theory is because the one I prefer has almond oil and sea salt.   I just want you to know there is no need to buy expensive face cleansers and creams at department stores.  But I realize not everyone has the same skin type and obviously I am not a certified expert, okay? That is my disclaimer.   Even if you don’t use it on your face, try it on your legs!


Okay, so now you know my secret.  I LOVE this stuff.Niv




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