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Oreo Truffles

Last night after recovering from the fact that Rumple is gone and Emma and Henry have false memories (Once Upon A Time TV show)….We finished the Oreo Truffles.  We gave these goodies to the teachers in Atlanta at Charlotte’s Middle School last year along with Baklava.  They were pretty tasty, but I feel like this batch is an improvement (ignore my poor camera) so I hope they will bring lots of joy here with the teachers in Montana!  Being that I am far from a Chocolatier, I have been testing different products to see which ones are easy to melt in a microwave.  (I need Chocolate melting for dummies!)  So, here is what we did…It really works best if you put the oreos (the whole cookies) through a food processor because it just makes them nice and fine to mix in with the cream cheese.  We mixed the oreos and cream cheese and formed them into little balls to freeze over night.  Put them on wax paper in a container with a lid or you can cover them with foil.  At least freeze them for a couple hours before dipping in the chocolate.


This white chocolate wafer stuff is GREAT!! It called to me from the store shelf with its perfect label “Microwavable”  Although, I have been reminded by my 9th grade encyclopedia that technically it is not chocolate.  White chocolate is not chocolate kinda like red licorice is not licorice.  These White Chocolate Wafers contain whey, ‘natural’ flavor, sugar, palm kernel oil, whole milk powder….and other things.  But face it, we are not making these delectable truffles to think about healthy eating during the Holidays!  So, after you chill the little cookie and cream cheese balls awhile, Melt the chocolate wafers according to the instructions on the bag and start dipping!


This recipe (see below) makes 3 Dozen Truffles!  I can’t tell you how EASY this product is to work with.  We were able to coat all 36 Truffles (with some chocolate left over) and I did not have to reheat it at all.  I used a wooden skewer to make it easy. Once you dip them, however, it will harden pretty quick  because the cookie truffle is cold.  So, place the cute little white ball on wax paper and immediately sprinkle him with your decorative sprinkles as you go.

2013-12-16_19.57.25 (1)

After they are dried and you finish coating all of the goodies, you can place them in cupcake papers, baggies with fancy ribbon….Whatever you like!

Treats for Teachers

Oreo Truffle Recipe

1 Package of Oreo Cookies

1 Package of Cream Cheese

1  16 oz. Bag of Qwik Dip Chocolate Flavored Wafers (white)

Decorated Sprinkles


Chop the cookies (food processor is very useful) until they are very fine.  In a mixing bowl mix the package of softened cream cheese and chopped cookies.  Mix these well to the point where the mix is black.  You don’t want any big chunks of cream cheese.  Roll into little balls.  This makes about 36 truffles.  Freeze for at least 2 hours before you prepare the chocolate for dipping.  Dip, Sprinkle and Dry.  Wrap them in a pretty container and keep chilled in fridge.

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